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About the World

Come experience the World of Gra with us!
A world full of tiny planets, lamps that grow like plants and weird little contemplative beings. We think you’ll grow to love them too. But as the beings of Gra walk, swim and dance between the stars they all have one big problem: they grow and grow and grow and grow. Where do you go next, when you don’t fit on your home planet anymore?

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Our Mission

Digital Media has changed the idea of bedtime for us all—from generation X to the youngest among us. So we decided to make meaningful interactive content, that helps adults and kids alike reconnect to the intimate emotional space that exists just before falling asleep.

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We are a strange bunch of storytellers, game designers and artists based in Germany. We would love to hear from you, get in contact!





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An interactive good night story.
Coming to mobile in

excerpt from playthrough
the stargatherer extra planet the stargatherer detail from book the stargatherer spread from book
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Interactive light-up puzzle book
About a lost little being in search of her sun
Release to be announced

A world filled with tiny planets, sprouting lights and weird little beings. If you listen closely, you can hear the adventures growing between the stars.
Come explore!

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Clara Deitmar
Akademiehof 10, 71638 Ludwigsburg